Acies Lumen | Geopolitical Risk Analysis for West Africa | Understand the Impact

The White Ink Institute for Strategy Education and Research (WISER) is hosting a webinar Thursday, June 24th at 2 pm West Africa Time — that’s 8 am for any US East coasters. I’m looking forward to the discussion with retired Brig. General Saleh Bala and the distinguished panel about the presence of foreign militaries in Africa. I’m especially interested to hear about Mali given France’s pullback. You can sign up here.

By Adam Ragozzino

Adam Ragozzino is a Boston-based analyst who has worked as a research and policy analyst in the US. Currently, he is an independent consultant and runs Acies Lumen, LLC, a fledgling geopolitical research firm. He writes about international affairs and conflict with a particular focus on Africa. When not chained to a desk or under lockdown, you can find him riding or skiing in the northeast US.

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