Guinea Reported Seventh Case of Ebola

Image: “Ebola virus” by CDC Global Health is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Yesterday, the Guinean Ministry of Health reported its seventh case of Ebola virus. The outbreak stems from a nurse at Goueké health center who died in 28-January. The six other cases were attendees at the funeral in Gouecke sub-prefecture in N’Zerekore. So far, three people have died.

The Ministry of Health has been isolating suspected cases and contact tracing. The Guinean government is currently sourcing vaccine supply.

Guinea has not had an Ebola case since 2016 when a major outbreak raged through West Africa killing over 11,300 people.

Source: https://africacdc.org/news-item/the-africa-centres-for-disease-control-and-prevention-supports-the-government-of-republic-of-guinea-in-the-fight-against-the-new-ebola-virus-disease-outbreak-in-nzerekore-prefecture/

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