Morocco Wants More Inlfuence in Mali

Written by: Africa Intelligence

Africa Intelligence is reporting that the Moroccan government wants to be “more involved in Mali via Transition Support Group and the African Union.”

Since the 18 August Mali coup and with tensions flaring over Western Sahara, the Sahel has become the new stage for Algeria and Morocco’s battle for influence.

Togo’s president, who since August has forged close links with putschist officers in Mali, wants to persuade the vice-president of the transitional government, Assimi Goita, to give more leeway to Prime Minister Moctar Ouane.

Lomé is set to host the next meeting of the Mali Transition Support Group in February.

Ever since the military seized power in Mali on 18 August, Morocco has been building ties with the coup leaders as Algiers, wanting to retain its influence in Bamako, looks on with a wary eye.

Source: https://www.africaintelligence.com/central-and-west-africa_diplomacy/2021/06/22/morocco-looks-to-get-more-involved-in-mali-via-transition-support-group-and-the-african-union,109674802-art

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