Burkina Faso Soldiers Killed After Bomb Attack

Threat: 2 Violence: 2

Written by: L’Observateur Paalga

Burkina Faso: 11 policemen killed in Sanmatenga – Fatal ambush in Foubé
We had hoped to find them all safe and sound when, in the early hours of Tuesday, June 22, 2021, we learned that about twenty policemen were missing between Foubé and Barsalogho in the Sanmatenga, until at the end of the morning the reality prevailed in its cruelty.

A police team, which was on a mission to secure internally displaced people in Yirgou, was ambushed on Monday afternoon, 21 June 2021. According to an official communiqué signed by the Minister of Security, Ousséni Compaoré, the provisional toll yesterday in the early evening was 11 policemen killed, 7 found safe and sound, and 4 who were missing and who we hope will be found alive.

This is a rather heavy toll, probably the heaviest for the national police since our country has been fighting and struggling against these “unidentified armed individuals”, who have been circulating for a long time with their faces uncovered, in full view of the population, and perhaps even of the Defence and Security Forces. For the record, at the end of February 2020, 10 police officers had fallen with weapons in their hands in Sebba in Yagha.

What could have happened on these roads of the hell of Sanmatenga, put under control regulated by the forces of Evil who blindly kill, plunder and burn without us being able so far to find the best therapy for this cancer that has been eating away at us for six endless years now? Should we really be surprised when Christophe Joseph Marie Dabiré, the Prime Minister (PM) himself, confessed almost naively before the national representation that he had no strategy of struggle?

Faced with this new carnage, which comes only a few days after the holding of the national political dialogue, during which the opposition registered the incompetence trial of the PM and his Minister of Defence, and therefore demanded their resignation, the leader of the opposition, Eddie Komboïgo, and his comrades are in their role, but mired as we are, it will certainly take more than the resignation of these two heads to solve this difficult equation with multiple unknowns. Moreover, demanding the departure of the two defendants is the sure way not to obtain it, at least not immediately, because it is difficult to see Roch Marc Christian Kaboré dismissing his two collaborators. Pressure from the opposition can even have the opposite effect because leaders do not like to have their arms twisted.


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