In 2018, I started a career change that led to building a news analysis program and the construction of this site as a way to prove my worth to prospective hiring firms.

Instead of passively browsing the positions being offered and adding my resume to a sea of hundreds, I took a more entrepreneurial approach and created Acies Lumen (Ah-chays Loo-men). It’s Latin for the sharpness of light, that’s the general idea behind an analyst’s job—to bring connections to the forefront and shed light on relationships others may have overlooked.

My efforts led me to an analytical position covering electric vehicles and their batteries.

Now, I’m using Acies Lumen to combine my geopolitical news analysis project with my experience as an EV battery analyst. I follow the technology and trends around EVs and their batteries in the three major markets, the U.S., E.U., and China.

This site and the news analysis project continue to be my way to build an audience for my work, deepen my knowledge about the industry, and sharpen my ability to place events into a broader context.

Thanks for visiting.