In 2018, I began the search for my next big thing. At the time, I was a carpenter but I also had a previous career as a research analyst. I used that experience and combined it with my love for world events, and writing. Admittedly, I didn’t know what career path that put me on exactly but when I found geopolitical risk organizations like Stratfor and Eurasia Group, I knew I found it. But getting in wasn’t going to be easy.

Despite having an MBA in International Management, an MPH in Epidemiology, and some excellent professional experience, I lacked the typical background of candidates entering the industry. What I did have were three coveted core competencies—research, analysis, and writing skills. I used those to turn my career search on its head. Instead of passively browsing the positions being offered and adding my resume to a sea of hundreds; I took a more entrepreneurial approach and created Acies Lumen (Ah-chays Loo-men). It’s Latin for the sharpness of light, that’s the general idea behind an analyst’s job—to bring connections to the forefront, to shine a light on relationships others may have overlooked. It is a way to gain experience while following the advice of Hampton Stevens, founder and publisher of World Politics Review: build an audience for my work, deepen my knowledge for one region, and sharpen my ability to place events into a broader context.

I take a customer-centric approach to create content for clients that
• helps them understand the impact global politics, culture, policy, economic, and regulatory trends have on their interests
• provides an in-depth analysis of the issues that affect them
• anticipates volatile political, security, and economic changes

I welcome your feedback on my new venture. I’m open to freelance engagements, collaborations, and networking. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for visiting.

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Adam Ragozzino