Mauritanian President Ghazouani Shuffled His Cabinet Again

(Image Credit: Yabiladi, Ould Abdel Aziz et Ould Ghazouani / Archive – DR)

President d Ghazouani shuffled his government again . What does that mean for Mauritania?

What happened?

This week President Mohamed Ould Cheikh El Ghazouani shuffled his cabinet for the second time in less than a year. Of the 22 cabinet members, 14 ministers were replaced. The ministries include the National Education; Health; Public Employment and Labor; Digital Transformation, Innovation and Modernization of Administration; Fishing and Maritime Economy; Agriculture; Veterinary; Trade, Industry, Handicraft and Tourism; Employment and Professional Training, Housing, Urbanism and Land Reclamation; Water and Sanitation; Higher education and Scientific Research; Culture, Youth, Sports and Relations with the Government; and Social Work, Childhood and the Family (UNA-OIC).

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By Adam Ragozzino

Adam Ragozzino is a Boston-based analyst who has worked as a research and policy analyst in the US. Currently, he is an independent consultant and runs Acies Lumen, LLC, a fledgling geopolitical research firm. He writes about international affairs and conflict with a particular focus on Africa. When not chained to a desk or under lockdown, you can find him riding or skiing in the northeast US.

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