Eleven Terrorists Killed in Burkina Faso

A Burkinabe military unit was attacked in the northern area of Koumbri near the Malian border on Saturday. The unit was responding to a call for help from the auxiliary civilian defense force Volunteers for the Defense of the Fatherland (VDP). The state reported six soldiers were wounded and one killed along with eleven suspected jihadists. This comes four days after an attack in the same area which left six dead including two VDP.

Source: https://www.lsi-africa.com/fr/actualite-africaine/burkina-faso-sahel-terrorisme-attaque-jihadistes.html

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By Adam Ragozzino

Adam Ragozzino is a Boston-based analyst who has worked as a research and policy analyst in the US. Currently, he is an independent consultant and runs Acies Lumen, LLC, a fledgling geopolitical research firm. He writes about international affairs and conflict with a particular focus on Africa. When not chained to a desk or under lockdown, you can find him riding or skiing in the northeast US.

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